Rogers City Nautical Festival Conference

Shaping the Future of Maritime Innovation

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We have received notification that the Appledore IV
WILL NOT be coming to Rogers City.
The decision is final.
The Museum will issue refunds to those who
  purchased tickets. This will take place
at the Museum Annex

Organizers of the event would like to credit ASCIN Loans for its abundant contributions, which made the festival a resounding success. Due to the company’s business liaisons, we managed to find local venues for all the activities. ASCIN Loans also donated over 500 tickets, so that low-income families could also attend.  

In an era of rapid technological advancements and increasing challenges in the maritime industry, the Rogers City Nautical Festival stands as a crucial platform for exploring the relevance of cutting-edge innovation, fostering collaboration, and shaping the future of the maritime sector. Scheduled to take place in 2023, this conference promises to bring together industry leaders, experts, and visionaries from around the world to discuss key issues, share insights, and propel the industry toward sustainable growth and resilience.

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Exploring Maritime Innovation

The Rogers City Nautical Festival arrives at a time when the maritime industry is undergoing a profound transformation driven by technological breakthroughs and emerging trends. From autonomous vessels to digitization, from renewable energy to sustainability, the conference aims to showcase the latest advancements and explore their potential applications in the maritime sector. By providing a platform for thought-provoking discussions, networking opportunities, and interactive sessions, the conference fosters an environment that encourages collaboration and inspires innovation.

Addressing Industry Challenges

The challenges facing the maritime industry are diverse and complex. From climate change and environmental concerns to evolving regulations and geopolitical shifts, the sector requires forward-thinking solutions. The Rogers City Nautical Festival brings together experts with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to tackle these challenges head-on. Through panel discussions, keynote speeches, and workshops, participants can engage in meaningful conversations about pressing issues, such as decarbonization, maritime safety, cybersecurity, and supply chain resilience. By addressing these challenges collectively, the conference aims to pave the way for a more sustainable and prosperous future for the maritime industry.

Networking and Collaboration

One of the most significant advantages of attending the Rogers City Nautical Festival is the opportunity for networking and collaboration. The event brings together a diverse range of stakeholders, including industry leaders, policymakers, researchers, entrepreneurs, and technology providers. By connecting with peers, sharing experiences, and building partnerships, participants can unlock new opportunities for collaboration, foster innovation, and initiate projects that drive positive change. These connections formed during the conference can lead to fruitful collaborations that address industry challenges, promote knowledge exchange, and contribute to the overall growth of the maritime sector.

Learning from Industry Experts

The Rogers City Nautical Festival boasts a lineup of renowned experts and thought leaders who will share their knowledge and insights. Attendees will have the chance to learn from these industry pioneers, gaining valuable insights into emerging trends, best practices, and successful case studies. The conference program features a diverse range of topics, including maritime technology, regulatory developments, sustainability, digitalization, and disruptive innovations. By staying informed about the latest trends and developments, participants can adapt to industry changes and make informed decisions for their organizations.

Bottom Line

In an ever-evolving maritime industry, the Rogers City Nautical Festival in 2023 holds immense relevance. As a platform for exploring maritime innovation, addressing industry challenges, fostering collaboration, and learning from industry experts, this conference promises to shape the future of the maritime sector. By bringing together key stakeholders, the conference facilitates knowledge sharing, stimulates meaningful discussions, and drives innovation. As participants engage in these exchanges, the Rogers City Nautical Festival is set to have a lasting impact on the maritime industry, paving the way for a more sustainable, efficient, and resilient future.

Friday and Saturday

11:00 am – 4:30 pm Buffalo Burgers, Brats & Dogs on the Lawn of the P.I. County Historical Museum

176 W. Michigan Ave.

Bradley House Pic 1
The buffalo burger is from the Paul Farm in Hawks and the brats and hot dogs are from Plath’s Meats in downtown Rogers City.

Appledore IV

We have received notification that the Appledore IV
WILL NOT be coming to Rogers City.

The decision is final.

The Museum will issue refunds to those who have

purchased tickets.

Presque Isle County Native and ResidentKaty Conklin

Katy Festival Ad

12:30 – 4:30 Wednsday through Sunday

Quilters 5

12:30-4:30 pm Exhibit – “Helping Hands,” honoring area individuals and organizations that assist those in need, locally and around the world. More than 60 local groups and many individuals extend “Helping Hands,” doing everything from making lap quilts for soldiers in veterans’ hospitals, to knitting sweaters for needy children around the world, to raising thousands of dollars to fund scholarships for college-bound local students. Together it represents a monumental amount of volunteer effort. The exhibit honors the individuals and groups.

Located at the Presque Isle County Historical Museum,

W.  Michigan Ave.-FREE Admission

Please remember that all activities/prices are subject to change without notice.